Two year anniversary meeting at 10 Arts Bistro

Last month’s burger club meeting at 10 Arts Bistro (10 S. Broad St.) was very special because it was our two year anniversary meeting! We decided to go back to where we had our very first meeting. So much has happened in the past two years. We had an amazing article written about us in the Daily News. Jim and I did a live burger tasting on WXPN with Dan Reed. The club joined forces with the ladies of Two Eat Philly and often have them on our blog as contributors. We made tshirts, buttons and even a calendar! If you asked me two years ago what would become of this club I would have never been able to imagine any of these things in a million years.

The most important aspect of the club that has developed over the years are all the people who come to the meetings. Some only come every once in a while, others come every month. No matter the number of meetings attended – you, the members, are what make this club possible. It’s always fun to see who’s going to show up every month. I love seeing both new and old faces! So long as you keep coming, I’ll keep setting up the meetings – deal?

Now on to the details of our meeting last month. If you’ve never been – the inside of 10 Arts is just plain stunning. Their main foyer area is HUGE with a nice bar, it’s really quite a grand place. They set up a large portion of their dining room for us, with lit candles and custom-made menus.  I always love it when a restaurant makes us a custom menu with our logo on it. I think Smokin Betty’s was the first to do it . We gathered at the bar and around 7pm decided to make our way to the tables. We were quickly greeted by our server who took our drink orders. The service was pretty great throughout the entire meal, we didn’t wait long for anything.

The burgers paraded to our tables shortly after we ordered. This burger wasn’t much different from the one we sampled two years ago. The only thing that was different from the burger of yesteryear was the “house made” ketchup. Members at both tables debated throughout the entire meal if the ketchup was actually made in house or Heinz. I’m no ketchup expert so I’ll leave that debate on the table. Since the burgers we’re no different than before, the reactions weren’t very different either.

My burger, said to be cooked medium was an even brown throughout. It was a pretty salty, dry patty that was sat upon a giant dry bun. The burger was topped with only a little cheese and a giant lettuce concoction with pickle slices. It’s one of those burgers that I always call a “skyscraper” burger that is too tall to fit into your mouth for a good clean bite – so you get one bite of bun and lettuce then another with burger and a little bun – not a cohesive sandwich. The whole thing just wasn’t anything to write home about. My guess is that burgers really aren’t their specialty. This is the Ritz after all – you don’t pay a boat-load for a room at this place to order a burger off their menu. I’m sure their steak or some other fancy meal would be much better. Not to say that we didn’t have a good time though! The atmosphere is unbeatable, the service is fantastic, the drinks are unique and delicious. Even the French fries were seasoned to perfection (a little spicy – delicious!).

Our friends from Matthew Vlahos Public Relations were excellent to set up the whole event. They even were able to get us some sweet gifts to raffle off! I think the coolest thing we were able to give away was a signed copy of Rachael Ray’s burger cook book – HOW COOL! All in all we had a great time. I would like to thank everyone who made this meeting, and all meetings fun and enjoyable. See you next month!