Weekly President’s address 2/3/2012

OK I have vowed (and set a reminder) to update the blog every Friday. We’ll see how long that lasts! 

Well this has been a good week for the Club! We have finalized our plans with the Royal Tavern to host our meeting this month! This would be a great time to read the ENTIRE event message because it has some important info: 

“You asked and we delivered! This month we’re heading to the Royal Tavern!

 If you’ve ever been to the Royal, you’ll know how small it is. The event coordinator asked if we could move the start time of the meeting to 6:30pm, as the restaurant tends to get busy around 7pm. Hopefully that’s fine with everyone. They have promised to reserve space for 15-20 at 6:30 for the Burger Club. They’re going to set up clusters of tables to seat 4-6 people at one table. I think that will be helpful in engaging everyone in conversation, as well as keeping checks separate for each group. After that time, you are still welcome but may have to wait for a few minutes if the dining room is full. Also, let’s keep in mind that we want to respect their space; they welcome us to move to the bar if we want to hang out after our meal.

 With your RSVP, please note the time you expect to arrive, the temperature you want your burger (rare, medium, well done etc) and feel free to note any +1 +2 etc.

 Hope to see you at Royal Tavern for a meatastic treat! “

 Ok with that out of the way we have some more exciting news! I’m pleased to tell you that we have invited our very own Kit Farman to be a contributor to the blog! He’s an amazing photographer (see http://kitfphoto.com/) in addition to being a core burger club member! I’m really excited to have him post photos from our events and input his two cents about the burgers!

I guess that’s all for now, Burgerteers! Till next week keep us updated with your burger escapades. As always check in on the facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/BurgerClubPHL) and twitter (www.twitter.com/BurgerClubPHL).


OK, back in the game

Steph the dummy finally figured out how to sign into the blog so now I’m going to try to update more.

What’s been going on?

We just had an amazing meeting at Good Dog! So many people came and enjoyed the burgers! I thought it was really cool meeting up on the third floor. It was a bit awkward eating at the ledge around the room instead of a table but it allowed everyone to mingle much more. I felt like I got to catch up with everyone rather than just the people sitting at my table. There were many old faces but quite a few new ones! I LOVE seeing burgers bring people together. In other news – we got a few more responses for the best burger & beer places in philly to send to our friends at DrinkPhilly.com. I’m working on adding them to the master scoreboard, will let you know how that goes soon and if you haven’t sent in your list yet please send it to burgerclubphl@gmail.com.

Rather than open up a vote for where to go for our February meeting I think I’m going to make an executive decision. I’ll announce it shortly (as soon as I get everything sorted out with the restaurant). I know at lease ONE person who will be very happy (you’re so vain, I bet you think this burger’s about you)

Ok, more to come! I’m going to try to stay up in the blog better. Make sure you check in on the facebook page for news and the twitter feed for my general musings.

Love & Burgers,
~$teph (like Ke$ha, but not)


Welcome to the updated burger club website! Some of the new features include password reset, direct links to voting and results, an overall leader-board (see the right side), and a new theme. Visit often to see even more new features!

Our last meeting at Wishing Well was great and included our biggest gathering yet. Check out some of the pictures below:

Our first meeting: a success story

I do declare, our inaugural meeting of burger club was a complete success! We had 8 people in attendance! If you’ve never been to the 10 arts bistro at the Ritz-Carlton I would recommend going if for nothing else than the beautiful space. The Ritz-Carlton has a grand lobby that gives one the rare feeling that they’re not in the city when right in the heart of it. The highlight of our visit was meeting 10 Art’s chef, Jen Carroll who was also a contestant on the show “Top Chef”. She couldn’t have been nicer to us, and even posed for a photo:


Overall our review of the actual burger was a bit of a mixed bag, but our review of the fries was consistently AWESOME (see the comments). When the burgers first came out they seemed a bit small but once we got to eating we realized that it packed a mighty punch. We learned that the burger meat comes from Pineland Farms, which are a series of small farms in New England. All the condiments (even the pickles) are homemade and the burger is served on a challah bun. I was very impressed that there was an effort to make everything in-house.


We decided that our next meeting with be at Local 44 (West Philly – represent!). We might be changing the day of the week the Burger Club meets seeing as how it’s difficult for some people to make it that day (in particular Kelly haha). Keep in touch for more updates and AS ALWAYS follow us on twitter for fun burger tweets!

voting system established!

Ok well I think I’ve got it! We’re going to use a text message voting system so everyone can take good note of their experience as they’re experiencing it. Our first vote will have the following options:


Overall taste/experience

the bun


how was it cooked?



All the questions (minus the comments) have a scale of 1-4 (Awesome, better than average, worse than average and horrible!) I’ll post the findings the day after burger club! During our first meeting we’ll also talk about future meetings – most importantly, where the next meeting will be!

Also we can talk about the voting system. Consider these questions: do you like voting by text or would you rather vote online when you get home? are there any other things we should consider in how we rate the burger?

I’m so excited, hope you are too!