June Burger Club Meeting at Shake Shack

In June we had our Burger Club meeting at Shake Shack (2000 Sansom St). Shake Shack is kinda like the In-N-out burger of the east coast; they have fast food burgers that actually have a very good quality meat. I have mentioned before that Pat LaFrieda is a pretty big deal in Philly – those that love burgers love the name. Pat supplies the meat to many of Philly’s famous burger spots (Pub & Kitchen, Sketch, Supper, Butcher & Singer and Frankford Hall) including the Shake Shack! Suffice it to say that Shake Shack was a pretty big deal when they expanded to our city from New York a year ago – can’t believe it almost took a whole year for the Club to have a meeting there!

We were greeted with the usual long but speedy line that seems to be a constant at the Shake Shack. Their wall-sized menu is a nice way for everyone to figure out what they want before they get to the register – which I’m sure is why the queue goes so fast.

The last time I was at SS I got the “ShackBurger” which is their traditional burger with LT and their “ShackSauce”. To be honest I wasn’t so impressed by it last time and I think that’s why it has kept me away for a whole year. It was just nothing special. THIS TIME though, I ordered a double Hamburger with cheese. Funny how the simple things are the best. I loved it! The cheese was super melty delicious and hot! The double patty really allowed me to appreciate the meat – I vow to never order a single again at the SS. As compared to places like Five Guys and Bobby’s Burger Palace I would say the Shake Shack burger definitely stacks up. I would put it at the top of the “fast food” list for sure – especially if you’re looking for a cool tasty milkshake, that’s what they’re named for after-all.

I would like to make a special point of saying that the manager Lauren was AWESOME. Sometimes restaurants have a hard time when the Club comes to their spot (even with MONTHS of notice). Lauren greeted our crowd with some reserved tables and a lot of hospitality. Coming around to our tables after we finished to see how we enjoyed ourselves was truly a nice touch. I always appreciate it when a place makes us feel welcomed because every once in a while we go to a restaurant that makes it clear that we’re not wanted. So THANKS! We had an awesome time and can’t wait to come again!

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