burger news 5/25/2012

Before I get to any and all burger reviews I’d like to take a moment to talk about Philly Cow Share. If you’ve never heard of it, their website describes the cow share as “a way for individual customers to buy high quality, local, grass-fed beef in bulk by splitting the purchase of a cow with other people”. Last summer one of my friends participated in a cow share and I tried one of their burgers! I remember the beef tasting very fresh and delicious. Something about the environmentally responsible way in which this meat is produced helps the taste. I know it’s probably psychosomatic but the meat seems to taste cleaner. If you like supporting local businesses, meat and knowing more about what you’re eating I would take a good hard look at philly cow share. You might need a separate freezer though!

Ok.. on to the reviews. Les had the burger at 44 & Xin NYC! It’s important to have a list of burgers to try in every city, I always say. I’ve been dying to try the Spotted Pig burger in NYC. One sweet day, I’m going to have you for my dinner. Ok, back to 44 & X, Les says

photo credit: Les

“The burger at 44 & X (10th Ave @ 44th): very nice patty (juicy, flavorful, cooked to my requested temp), cheddar, charred onion, tomato, lettuce, on an English muffin (a nice touch – so many buns are substandard and detract from the burger), w/okay shoestring fries!”

Ok ok ok, he wasn’t too impressed with the fries but the burger sounds great!

Next on the list is the NEW burger from Supper! I have wanted to try this burger since it came out (in January 2012 I believe). Their old burger has always been a favorite of mine. Whenever someone asks me what my top burgers in philly are Supper is always on the top of the list. I was a bit surprised when I went to try the new burger that the old one was no longer offered. I was actually dumbfounded. At the very least I was expecting the new burger to have a new name “the NEW supper burger” or “NOT the old supper burger” would have been appropriate for me at that time. I was a little worried for a moment that I had been hallucinating and they didn’t have a new burger at all. They did. While doing my research I was able to turn up the old burger description,

½ lb supper burger (as listed on their Fall 2011 menu) – 80/20 brisket ground in house, daily. Neuske’s bacon, gruyere, caramelized onions, heirloom tomato jam & duck fat fried potatoes $14.

The supper burger today is a 10-ounce dry-aged custom La Frieda Blend burger on brioche bun crisp country ham, cheddar, overnight tomatoes, caramelized onions, house pickles $19.

To sum it up, @SupperPhilly replied to my inquiry as to what the difference was with “Old burger, 8 oz not 10, ground in house not lafrieda not blended not dry aged. No bacon mornay, gruyere instead of cheddar bacon instead of country ham”.

One of the first things I noticed as a difference between the new and the old was the price. $19 for a burger? Getoutofhere. The old burger was pricy at $14. I don’t know about this. I know it’s only $5 more but it’s like saying “This burger is no longer for the common person” – though maybe it never was. If I’m going to pay $19 for a burger I might as well get one of your other options. I always appreciate a burger on the menu at a fancier restaurant so I have a cheaper option at a place that I might not otherwise be able to afford. But you know me TOO WELL at this point, Supper.. you had me at “LaFrieda”. Of course I’m getting the burger.

photo credit: two eat philly

The burger here is truly amazing. It’s one of those skyscraper burgers, the kind that you look at and think to yourself “where do I begin?” and understand that you’re going to embarrass yourself a little when you try to open your mouth big enough to take a bite. The meat is perfect. The toppings are amazing too. Many people at the table appreciated the ham as opposed to bacon – you don’t see that often. I love the duck fat fries and the house made sauces. The details associated with this burger and presentation is what might actually be worth the hefty price. Please read what my dining company, the girls of two eat philly, had to say about the burger.

Next on the agenda is something that might make you a little uncomfortable. In the spirit of World Vegetarian Week (May 19 to 26) I’d like to share a recipe for one of my favorite vegetarian dishes – black bean burgers! I basically follow this recipe with a few additions. The only thing I really do differently is that I let the burger mix sit in the fridge for at least a half hour to set up. I also add a little parmesan cheese to the mix to try to help it hold together better.

1/2 medium yellow onion,
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 (15-ounce) cans black beans, rinsed and drained, divided
2 tablespoons freshly chopped cilantro leaves
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 cup bread crumbs (I probably use a whole cup of bread crumbs, a mix of Panko and regular)
Salt and fresh ground black pepper
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (I didn’t measure, it was probably around a 1/4 cup)
Few dashes of hot sauce

Heat a grill or grill pan over medium-low heat.

In a food processor, pulse onion and garlic until finely chopped. Add 1 can black beans, cilantro, egg, and red pepper flakes and pulse to combine.

Transfer mixture to a large mixing bowl, add the remaining can of black beans, hot sauce, parmesan and the bread crumbs. Season with salt and pepper, to taste, and mix until well combined.

Let sit in fridge for 20 minutes or so.

Divide remaining mixture into 4 portions and form into patties. Place on hot oiled grill over medium-low heat and cook about 6 minutes a side or until heated through. Toast hamburger buns on a grill. Place a burger on the bottom of each bun. Top with lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Cover the burgers with the top of the bun and serve.

Boom, there you have it. The best black bean burgers you’ll ever have!

Right before I finished my post today Alyssa submitted her review of XIX Nineteen!

“XIX Nineteen is probably one of the best places to eat outside in Philadelphia. The ambiance is incredible as you are overlooking Center City west from nineteen stories up in the Bellevue hotel. I ordered the Meyer National Angus Burger. It was definitely in the top fifteen burgers I have ever had category. It’s not my ultimate favorite, but it is up there. The bun is amazing- a brioche bun that was the perfect size and that had a buttery taste. The burger was cooked a perfect medium rare, as requested. At first I did not think it was hot enough, but then I considered the fact that if it was any hotter, it would not have been medium rare. So they obviously do a great job cooking their burgers and carefully watch the temperature. The toppings were also perfect- a white cheddar cheese (although it was mild, not quite sharp enough for my taste), a generous serving of what I would consider very fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and a side of thick pickle slices, onion jam, horseradish sauce, and ketchup. I don’t like horseradish, but I put all of the other toppings on my burger. The onion jam was unique, and the sweetness complemented the burger nicely. The burger also came with thin cut fries, which were pretty good. I would definitely recommend the burger and would go back and eat it again. But I swear, eating outside overlooking the city probably made it taste even more amazing.”

Thanks for the tip! Philadelphians LOVE eating outside! Thanks for reading along today – it was quite a long post! Make sure you stay tuned on the Facebook page! Also don’t miss our burger club meeting next week at Frankford Hall! Can’t wait!!!

Burger News 5/18/2012

Good day friends,

What’s the good word? … “Burger”.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting pretty excited for our May burger club meeting 5/30 at Frankford Hall!! It feels like it’s so far away but it will be here before ya know it. This week we finished up the presale of our first T-shirts. The shirts should be ready in about a week or so! If you didn’t get to order your shirt during the presale DON’T WORRY! We’ll have some extras around for purchase on the spot, bring some cash to the next meeting – you’re gonna want one of these.

Let’s move right on to some burger reviews! This week Denise reviewed TWO burgers (way to do Denise!). Her first is from Pub & Kitchen. When we went there for our burger club meeting a few months ago I wasn’t too impressed. I had the Parliament burger and found the bacon on top to be tough and IMHO ruined the whole thing, nothing special about this one. Maybe things have changed since I’ve been there, Denise seemed to have enjoyed herself,

Photo courtesy Pub & Kitchen

“I had the Parliament Burger at Pub and Kitchen! It was amazing! It’s made with the same Pat LaFrieda blend as the Churchill burger but with English cheddar, bacon and “pub sauce” (and a raw onion, bleh) on an awesome seeded brioche bun. Got… it medium; it might have been just a touch overcooked but the meat was so flavorful and delicious that it was still nice and juicy. OH! And there’s a little layer of fresh pickles on a toothpick stuck into the bun. I don’t know if you’re allowed to call a burger “cute”, but it was totally cute! They also give you a ton of fresh, hand cut shoestring fries. Oh, and FYI – They are doing an event for Philly Mag this Friday at 4 PM where they are giving away 400 Churchill sliders in an effort to get people to vote for them for best burger in Philly!”

Are we 100% sure that the Parliament burger uses the LaFrieda meat? I’m not. I’m pretty sure ONLY the Churchill has it – but what do I know? I’m not a doctor. (I was just informed via twitter by P&K that they do indeed use LaFrieda meat in all their burgers. I’m sorry I doubted you Denise, I don’t know nuffin) Denise also went to National Mechanics,

“And in contrast, I also had the burger at National Mechanics which was probably one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had. The bun was way too big for the patty and extremely dry. The burger itself I suspect might have been a frozen patty because it had a weird taste (while at the same time being extremely flavorless) and gave me awful heartburn. Came with a sad looking sliced deli pickle & steak fries.”

Bummer. I hate to hear that someone had a bad burgerventure. I’ve only had the veggie burger at NM and it was surprisingly good. I didn’t set out to get said veggie burger – I wanted a chicken sandwich. They were out of chicken. Whaaaaat? Well they had chicken for popcorn chicken but not for the sandwiches. 7pm on a Friday night and you’re out of one of the only things on your menu that sounds like something I want? Getouttahere. I have so many feelings about National Mechanics. It’s SUCH A COOL building and I always feel like a million bucks walking up those steps. Even the inside is super cool but I generally only have a mediocre time. On weekends it’s PACKED and the wait it redonk for food that you can really get just about anywhere. Can’t beat the atmosphere though.

Next is a review by Tom. If you’ve ever met this guy you’re prepared for what you’re about to read. Otherwise, hold tight. The following is 100% his words, I don’t want to take credit (blame) for any of it.. especially his self-proclaimed title. Note: He is not a weather man.

“POPE Burger” – Signature Burger of “Pub on Passyunk East”
Contributed by the “Meateaterologist”

The following is the debut write-up from the “Meateaterologist”, contributing reviewer for the Philadelphia Burger Club. Burgers by the Meateatorologist are rated on a scale similar to hurricanes, ranging from “Splatagory 1” to “Splatagory 5”.

Signatures burgers are a give and take; sometimes a gimmick, sometimes the real thing. They all have one thing in common, and that is that they all claim to be the “crowd favorite”, making them out to be the best of the best of any burger you’ll get anywhere else. Well, gimmick or not, the “POPE Burger” from Pub on Passyunk East (also simply referred to as the “POPE”) owns up to its own self-proclaimed hype. It’s not often that I’ll go out on a limb and substantiate a claim like this, but I’ll think you’ll get the idea.
Starting with the bun. It was a brioche (a simple and common standard for a high quality bun), with a slight glaze of what might be olive oil, but not so oily that it necessitates a napkin. However, I cannot say the same of what lies beneath the bun…

Next, the meat. Ordered Med-Rare, the burger came out a little closer on the medium side, but still qualifying for the medium-rare category with a pink to rich pink center and pink creeping close to the burger walls. The juice from the burger was not overwhelmingly oozy, but by no means absent. Oh no, this burger’s barometer was about 85-90% percent, and napkins a must (my notes of the experience at the time actually stated “have napkins!”)

photo credit: Tom

Though let’s not blame all of the napkin necessitation on the meat itself. The toppings. Not one, but two types of onions – caramelized pan fried and batter dipped deep fried – co-existing like sleet and snow in a developing blizzard, neither overpowering the other. For cheese, a simple slice of cheddar. While I am not normally a cheddar fan, it’s usually because I’ve been exposed to bad slices that don’t melt well and lose all taste if they do; but the cheese on this burger was melted and the flavor came through. Another notable topping: mayo. (I’m a big fan of mayo on my burger, and if you’re not, all I can say is you’re missing out.) That being said, some burgers rely on mayo to be the key “flavoring topper” of their burger. This mayo was applied just enough to go with the flow; while noticeable and playing a key role in helping to increase the burger’s overall “splatagory” factor (when melted, mayo is messy!), it was outperformed by the rest of the toppings and the burger itself. And last but not least, the pickle that was served in the mix of the toppings gave the POPE a perfect bite of dill, creating a high note for the flavor explosion that occurred with each mouthful. This I consider a great addition to the mix; usually a burger will rely on raw onion to get that “bite” factor. While there’s nothing wrong with this, the POPE utilized the onion in much tastier methods, albeit these methods removed the onion’s ability to bring on the punch-line. The POPE Burger’s pickle filled in perfectly allowing the onion to shine in its other tasty forms.
Overall, the POPE Burger meets the needs for any burger eater out there, and has definitely made my short list of burgers to try again. This burger was recorded between a Splatagory 4 and Splatagory 5.

P.S. The sides often go missed during the evaluation of a Burger. At the end of the day, at least $2.00 of any good Burger can be attributed directly to those sides. The POPE offers fries that are both crispy yet a little bit soggy (best of both worlds), cut with the skins left on, sprinkled with kosher or sea salt, and comes with a truly spectacular Garlic Aioli (consisting of mayo, Siracha, and garlic). But be forewarned, while you are feasting on and getting distracted by the POPE Burger itself, your friends (such as mine did) may be stealing those fries!”

……Thanks Tom. Your thorough review is much appreciated. I look forward to more of them. I can’t tell you how many emails I get requesting more information about a burger’s “Splatagory”. You’re a funny dude.

Alright this concludes yet another week of excellent burger reviews. We’ve had some fun but now you must all go fourth, and burger. Burger over here. Burger over there. Burger uptown, downtown and all around town. Send your reviews to our email burgerclubphl@gmail.com.


PS: I just tweeted my 1000th tweet. I feel like this is a big moment.

Burger Club celebrates National Hamburger Month @ Iron Hill

The cobblestoned main street (Germantown Ave) in Chestnut Hill has the ability to make any city-dweller feel a little jealous. The quaint little town is riddled with mom-and-pop ice cream parlors, bakeries and even (in the words of Jim) the fanciest McDonald’s in the world. We whizzed right past that McDonald’s, our burger intentions for the evening were far greater.

photo credit: Iron Hill Brewery

The street view of this Iron Hill is really impressive. They have a retractable wall in the front to give diners the feeling of sitting outside. The open main dining area poses a magnetic pull that would be impossible for onlookers to resist. We were escorted to a large room in the back with two long tables. Each place setting had a card with a description of each of the burgers for their month’s celebration of national hamburger month. After the bloodbath subsided over who was going to get each burger (I think someone lost a finger) we were quickly greeted with our dinner for the evening.

Me and Jim picking our burgers. Photo credit: Kit

I had the May 18 “Alpine Burger” that has a description of “Fried onion rings, bacon, swiss and horseradish sauce”. I’m a sucker for anything with onion rings, ESPECIALLY when they’re ON a burger – who would have thought? The burger was just how one might expect it to be – delicious. The onion rings didn’t overpower the meat, they complimented it. I’m not the biggest fan of horseradish and to be honest I didn’t realize that it was the focus of the “special sauce” until I just re-read the burger’s description (that’s a good thing). I also tried the May 24 “London Pub Burger” which has “Double decker, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheddar and brown gravy” This was a good one too – lots of meat, lots of messy gravy (I wish I could have just dipped it in, but I was sharing so had to dump it on top). I personally preferred the Alpine burger (the sauce was REALLY good) but the London pub burger was still FANTASTIC.

Eric and I exchanged a half of our burgers so we both had the same meal, here’s what he had to say,

Photo credit: Eric "London pub burger, toppings and chef at Iron Hill Brewery"

“I collectively had the london pub and alpine burgers at Iron Hill. The London pub burger was fashioned like a double decker big mac (which don’t exist in the states I believe) except of a better quality, the meat seasoned to blend with the melted cheddar cheese on each patty. By itself it was okay but combining it with the brown gravy that came with really locked in the flavors of a burger on the streets of Britain. If only it came with some good old fashioned chips.

The alpine burger on the other hand had the best toppings to a burger. The crunchy bacon along with the onion rings made a good combination to the meat and bun. As with many burgers here, there would have been more flavor for me if the burger was cooked more but I could still taste the seasoning in the beef while enjoying the rest of the concoction in a delicious marriage of flavor.

It was a really cool and novel way to experience the menu and I’m definitely going to stop by iron hill again to grab more of the burger varieties on offer this month.”

Migdalia had the May 10 Pittsburger “tomato, coleslaw, cheddar and house cut fries piled high on a soft bun”. I must confess that in college I almost dropped everything to drive to Pittsburgh after watching a feature on “Diners, drive-ins and dives” about their famous sandwiches with french fries ON it. I didn’t make that trip but am happy to hear that I need to travel no further than the closest Iron Hill to get the experience. Migdalia seemed to enjoy it too,

“When I first looked at this burger, I had a feeling that I would not enjoy it, because I am not a fan of coleslaw. But once I took a bite of it I could not stop, the coleslaw and cheeseburger make a great paring. Because the burger itself was seasoned so well it complimented the coleslaw, which tasted great. The burger had fries on the top, and that made it a great one-bite solution. The only thing I did not enjoy was that the coleslaw was placed on the bottom of the burger, which made my bun disappear before I was able to finish. If you don’t mind getting down and dirty, but enjoy tasty food this one is for you. I will definitely go back to Iron Hill for the food, fun, and atmosphere.”

Andre (Migdalia’s husband) tried both the (May 22) Big Haas Burger and the (May 31) Sonoma Burger

“The Big Hass Burger looked great. A nice sized patty with Monterrey jack melted perfectly. About a quarter of an avocado placed over the cheese, with some slices or red onion on top of the avocado. The other side of the snowflake style bun lathered in garlic mayo. Great taste, perfectly
seasoned patty, avocado blended really well with it. I really enjoyed the way the garlic mayo and avocado blended in together.

Sonoma Burger – You are really in for a treat with this burger. The goat cheese funk mixed with the sweet onion jam. It is like jazz in your mouth. I would definitely try this again.”

Sameer and his crew were running a little late and their food sat out for a few minutes but it seems like he still really enjoyed the (May 12) Bistro burger

“Basically, I thought the burger was pretty good. Given that it had been sitting for a few minutes before I got there, and it was cooked rarer than I usually have it, I was definitely impressed. The burger came with the toppings of “boursin cheese and herb roasted exotic mushrooms”, and I hadn’t had boursin before so I was impressed with how it went with the burger. It sort of felt just like a thicker aoli, which I could appreciate. The mushrooms counteracted the rareness of the burger pretty well, so I’ll say it was overall. With a menu that big though, I would definitely like to try something different the next time”

Christina had the May 8 South Philly Burger

“It was decent, definitely tasty. Very rare, so the flavor of the meat overpowered toppings I was really excited about (broccoli rabe and long hots…how do you overpower a long hot?!). The bun was more like a dinner roll, and I hate when you get down to those last few bites and you’re holding onto this massive piece of meat with one itty-bitty bit of bun, you know? It was good, just not GREAT.”

John sat right near me and I have to say, I’m a little jealous of the burger he had – the (May 21) Yogi Bear Picnic Burger

“I tasted the Yogi Bear Picnic Burger. I felt like this was a good choice for me on many levels. I have always been a big fan of Yogi Bear and I have been called a bear by my peers, so I felt like this burger fit my personality well. I could not distinguish what kind of bread was used as the bun, but it was positively soft and chewy.

Photo credit: John

This 8 oz burger patty had a lot going on. It had all the classic ingredients of a good ole fashioned American Cheeseburger – Onion Rings, Bacon, American Cheese, and the most intriguing ingredient was Potato Salad. They served this burger medium rare with a side of Hickory BBQ sauce. Now, I noticed some other burgers were a bit rarer than mine. I felt like my temperature was perfect because it provided the right amount of juices to keep the burger patty as the focal point. This classic burger exploded with taste as a result of the potato salad, which was a good complement because it didn’t take away from the taste of the angus beef or bacon and it introduced celery, chopped onions, and an added “crunch” to the burger. I never even thought about putting potato salad on a burger, but I am definitely thinking about it now. There were so many tasty options to choose from, but I am happy that I chose the Yogi Bear Picnic burger. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by the entire evening. The service was fantastic and it never hurts to experience a free burger. Kudos to Iron Hill for hosting a great evening.”

Kit had the May 7 “Hickory Burger”

photo credit: Kit

“Great burger! The pulled pork really went well with the meat, which was delicious. Kind of messy with the thin BBQ sauce, but it was totally worth it.”

Madhuri had the May 16 “Hell fire burger” and she said

“with green chilies, pepperjack cheese and chipotle ketchup. The toppings were excellent and spicy as promised. I also tried bites of the Marley burger and the Sonoma burger. I thought those three really rounded out my favorite topping choices: spicy, sweet and classic.”

Jo has the May 9 “Bumble burger”

“What a great burger! The meat was perfectly cooked and had a great texture and flavor. The burger has pastrami, bacon and cheese, onions and a secret sauce. I love pastrami so I had to try it, and it added an extra meaty, salty dimension which was intense but awesome and was supplemented well by the sauce. The bacon was probably unnecessary, and the onions and cheese were forgettable. I loved the bun and the fries were great!”

Everyone had such a great time celebrating National Hamburger month at the Iron Hill Brewery in Chestnut Hill. Many of these burger toppings and themes were that which I’ve never experienced before. It’s quite evident that they put a lot of work into coming up with each burger. I can’t wait to come back for next year’s celebration! A list of all the burgers for the month can be found here. Make sure to visit the Iron Hill Brewery website and to follow them on twitter. Follow the burger club too.

Burger News 5/4/2012

Happy Friday (Fry-day) to you!

Have you heard the news of the new burger truck that hangs out at 33d and Arch? Our friends from drink philly tweeted us about them and almost simultaneously Les posted about them on the facebook page. This is all probably due to the article in philly.com about them posted yesterday. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me! I can’t wait to try their burgers.

This month is National Hamburger Month and we’re celebrating! Iron Hill Brewery has invited us to go and sample their burgers for the month (they have a special burger EACH DAY!). There are still THREE tickets for our event left, details are on our facebook page.

Now that I’m done with all the things I need to say, let’s see what burger club members have to talk about! I have three awesome reviews of burgers sampled by our members first off is Megan B who visited the Picasso Restaurant in Media, PA. She writes,

“Last night, I went with two good friends to grab a bite at Picasso Bar in Media. I got the veggie burger and it sure was good! The patty was made mostly of lentils but there were also some carrots, onions, beets and raisins mashed in. It was a heavily curried burger but I frequently overcurried my lentils the summer that I ate lentils for every dinner. To me, it tasted sentimental but one of my dining partners found it to be overbearing. With the curry and the veggies and the raisins, the burger had a nice variety of flavors and it stayed together very well. The bun was top notch but perhaps not from Le Bus. The toppings were very good. The lettuce and tomato were fresh and the avocado was a great touch. There was a side of pesto-mayo and it was pretty good, for a mayonnaise-based sauce. Thinking back, I might have enjoyed some cheese on the burger, but such is the plight of a vegetarian burger admirer.”

I’m always interested to hear about a good veggie burger! Even those who love red meat should take the time to admire a good veggie burger – you’d be surprised how good they can be! I think it’s also pretty rare to have a veggie burger made with lentils.. usually you find them made with beans or chickpeas or something like that.

Moving on – Ralph S (a new burger club member – hooray!) wrote a review about the sidecar bar. If you haven’t been to the side car yet you better go soon! This little neighborhood place has been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time. The people who work there are just out of this world nice. They’re the kind of nice that when a jerkface spills a beer on them and they just brush it off with a smile. Also they have excellent food, as evident in Ralph’s review,

“Sidecar offers three types of half-pound angus burgers, but the best is the one with crispy poached egg, gruyere, and truffle mayo. The key to its success is the truffle butter. Some might find the truffle flavor slightly overwhelming, but I didn’t care. It was superb. Plus eating it on the Sidecar’s new second floor is even more reason to enjoy the burger. Not necessarily a top five in Philly burger, but a top ten in my book.”

Yummerz. That really made me hungry for some sidecar. I’d also like to note that the Sidecar has an EXCELLENT brunch – go. go this weekend. go now.

Last (but never ever least) Sameer wrote ANOTHER review for us. This. guy. loves. burgers. He went to North Third up in Northern Liberties. I went here for the first time recently and I loved it! What a cool atmosphere and great food! Sameer seemed to enjoy his time there too but it sounds like the burger was a bit mediocre

“I hadn’t been to North 3rd in a while, since I usually go for brunch and that’s only if Honeys has a wait longer than an hour. I was going to be trendsetting and try a burger at the recently-reopened Ortliebs, but they were closed for renovation so I instead went down a block to North 3rd. I had their only burger, Bee’s Backyard Burger, which is a pretty standard 8-oz patty with lettuce, tomato, onions and fries at the side. I got it without tomato, and added cheddar cheese and bacon. The burger was great, although a little bit dry for my taste. The beef was very well-textured, and the bun held its composure despite the cheese and bacon getting a little greasy. The fries were great too. One pet peeve I have with this place, among others, is how they include standard toppings (onions, tomato, lettuce) on the side instead of on the burger. I get that we can then customize how much we want, but it’s seriously unappetizing for some people to see a pile of more vegetables than they know what to do with. Still, I ate them, and they were exceptionally fresh. Those that I added to the burger complimented the ensemble pretty well though. Overall, pretty good, but I’ll probably try something else next time.”

Keep the good reviews coming, Sameer. I like going up to Northern Liberties but sometimes parking can be a pain. Who wouldn’t drive for years for a good burger though, amiright?

 IN CONCLUSION buy a shirt. Get a ticket for the Iron Hill Burger tasting (5/9/2012). Keep the reviews coming! That is all.