Weekly Post 3/16/2012

Good burger day everybody!

This week we announced that Google Philly (twitter @googlephilly ) will be sponsoring our March event! This is so exciting, what an honor! They’re going to fund 25 burgers for us! I’m not sure we’ve ever had 25 people at a meeting all at once but I bet we will this time! PLEASE be on time – only the first people in the door (that are also on the eventbrite sign-up) will get in on the deal. 7pm. Be there. I really just can’t wait.

Also Dan Reed from WXPN (twitter @WXPNDanReed) asked if he could talk about us on the air last Wednesday! I couldn’t listen to the show but I hope someone did! Did anyone hear anything? How cool! He said he might want to come to a meeting sometime – hope so!

Not too many people tried burgers this week, except Sandrine F. said “I had the “burger” at Hawthorne’s last night and it was pretty yummy (not the Hawthorne’s burger which is served differently). Angus, brioche bun, shredded cheddar on top. Meat was so tender and flavorful and cooked to perfection”

I went to PYT last Tuesday for a burger club meeting with CTO Jim (twitter @ jethomas) and “French Fry Friends” leader Megan. I had the philly cheesesteak burger. That burger is a heart-attack on a pretzel roll. I loved every bite of it. I’ll admit that it’s not the first time I’ve indulged in one of these. It won’t be my last. This burger is the messiest crazy delicious thing anyone could ever imagine. I’m a total sucker for anything on a pretzel roll (see also: the philly style eggs benedict at the Green Eggs Café).

I don’t know if this counts but has anyone tried the cheeseburger pizza from birra? Oh em gee this is good stuff! Get it in the pizza bowl, it’s DELIC! It really does taste like a burger but there’s no way you can finish it on your own. I don’t often get to-go boxes but sometimes you just need to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

You’ll notice Jim’s been doing some work around the site. Kewl new social media feeds and graphics. He’s working on a little update to the leaderboard here, something to the voting system there. Basically you’ll notice some changes all over the place. Hope you enjoy them! We’re looking for a SEO who’s wants to put the ‘free’ back in ‘freelance’. If you know anyone send ‘em our way.

Ohh I’m going to start doing a new thing called “on my radar”.. basically these are places burgerteers have been talking about, burgers that have been tweeting around and other places that seem to have a burger worth trying. Maybe these are candidates for a monthly meeting? Who could know… anyway

this week’s “ON MY RADAR”: Catahoula, new deck tavern, frankford hall, kraftwork, rex 1516

Google & Burger Club Join Forces

Hello Burger friends!

I am so pleased to announce that Google Philadelphia (twitter @googlephilly) is going to sponsor our March meeting at Grace Tavern! Please check the facebook event details to register on the eventbrite site.

ONLY PEOPLE WHO REGISTER will earn a free burger – and free beer!

Thanks to Google Philly for taking an interest in our club!


Burger News for Burger Week 3/9/2012

Wow. What a crazy week it has been for the burger club! I’m so grateful to Jason and Philly.com for publishing such a great article about our little club (read HERE if you somehow missed it). I think that the article is a perfect balance of humor and honesty – much like our club. The responses have been so overwhelmingly supportive! Many people have expressed an interest in joining and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like the club has reached a real turning-point. For the April meeting I’m going to try something different. I’ll post details when it comes to be more of an official thing.

Today we announced our burger club meeting for the month of March. We’re heading to the Grace Tavern! This little place is a hidden gem – a ‘hidden gem’ in as much as a place can be considered ‘hidden’ when you’re voted the #1 bar in philly by Philadelphia Weekly. The person who first brought me here (my very good friend Gillian Grassie who just so happens to be an incredibly talented musician PLEASE check out her stuff at http://www.gilliangrassie.com) also suggested Sketch burger and we all now know how amazing that place is. The point is that we’re in for a good time.

So, I always like to include member’s feedback of burgers tried throughout the land, here’s this week’s picks:

Les posted about trying the Spotted Pig in NYC. He included this note “Great meat… (a mix of chuck and short rib); nice brioche bun, Roquefort cheese (on top, which I prefer to being melted inside like Good Dog’s). That’s it – no lettuce, tomato, etc. It is very expensive at $17 (well, it’s NYC), but I have to say it was excellent. Comes with a mountain of shoestring fries, which includes fried rosemary sprinkled throughout (a nice, delicious touch). Good beer selection, though I was in a bourbon mood that night. Recommended if you want to splurge while in the Village”. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to try it out if I’m ever in that area! Our other friend, Vanessa pointed us to her review of the spotted pig that she wrote last year including a great photo!

Christina posted about a dining experience (in which I was included) recently at Local 44 – “I had the black bean burger (I’ve been feeding my inner veg this week, for some reason). It was super hot when it came out, but I loved the density of the patty, and also the fact that the cheese wasn’t some suspicious square of processed product, but rather shredded (freshly?? hope so). The onions were a little thick for me, but added to the heft of the burger. I wish each topping wasn’t $1, but it keeps me under control. Loved the South Philly fries (esp. the fried banana peppers), but as with all of Local’s fancy fries, the cheese sauce always seems a bit weird to me, texture-wise. I didn’t get that signature provolone flavor from those. And for $2.50 extra, I would have expected a little more South Philly, a little less fry”.

Christina has been an all-star burger club member because she tried ANOTHER burger (albeit last week) from Monks ” I had the Antwerp at Monks a little while ago. So. Damn. Good. That’s basically all I remember, because I inhaled it. Lies, I remember more: I had it medium (-rare, perhaps?) and it was incredibly moist (meat juices going errrwhere). I am so desperately in love with their buns, and it worked as the perfect sopper-upper of meat juices, so not one little bit of amazing burger flavor was lost. I’m not remembering exactly what I thought of the cheese and mushrooms (I feel like such an amateur at the burger-critique!) but I know that they complemented the burger well. Obviously, they didn’t overwhelm the patty (as I’ve experienced before at Monks)

The first time I had a Monks burger I practically licked the inside of the little sauce cup with the garlic mayo…the last few times, I have been BEYOND unimpressed with this same magical sauce…it’s gotten so garlicy it’s actually gross. I want to brush my teeth for an hour afterwards, and it tastes like someone tripped and dumped an entire bottle of garlic powder in my one little cup….not even the real stuff! BLEH”. Three gold stars for your reviews, Christina. You’d never believe such a tiny girl could eat so many burgers.

Alright, I feel like this post has been much longer than usual. Perhaps I’m still thriving on the excitement of the newspaper article – maybe I’m just in need of a burger. In either case thanks for reading if you managed to get this far.

Till next week! Keep on burgering!

Photos from Royal Tavern

Hey all! Kit here, and here are the photos from February’s Burger Club meeting at Royal Tavern! Sorry for being so late on these.

First up is a great shot of (about 1/4th) our group! We had a great turnout that night.
Group Shot

Bacon Burger BisectionAnd here’s the star of the night, Royal Tavern’s special: the bacon burger!

Bacon Burger

Here’s my burger! I had the bacon burger as well, and it was great.

You can view these photos and photos from other meetings over at my Burger Club gallery!

burger news 3/2/2012

Bacon Burger
Bacon Burger from the Royal Tavern

Wow! What a great burgerweek! Our monthly meeting last Wednesday at the royal tavern was great! Everyone really loved their burgers. I got the burger on special – the patty was actually half beef, half bacon. After manually restarting my heart I really enjoyed it! There was so much bacon-goodness! The bun was buttery and delicious and didn’t seem like it could handle such a big burger but it held up quite well. My side of tater-tots were delicious dipped in their mayo/vinegar sauce (sounds gross but is DELICIOUS). Make sure you check out the rest of the group’s opinions on our results page. We had a good little group come and we were seated on the second level in the back. Thanks to the royal tavern staff for their hospitality and to Stephanie Kuo (twitter @stephkuo) for facilitating the plans.

We had some special guests from the Philly Daily News. I can’t wait to see what kind of story Jason comes up with! Keep an eye out sometime next week! Big thanks to them for taking an interest in our club!

In other news.. we will be announcing the venue for our March meeting VERY SOON. Just waiting to tie up a few loose ends. Get excited about this one – I *hopefully* have something very cool planned!

The burgerteers’ only feedback about burgers tried in the past week was from Matt (twitter @matteyer) who said that he tried the burger from The Bishop’s Collar and was pretty disappointed. He said the “meat was dry and didn’t have much flavor and the bacon was barely cooked. Also the onions were soggy. I like mine a little crispy”. Bummer.

Ok friends, keep a lookout on our facebook page and twitter for news about our next meeting. Also be sure to post about burgers you try and I’ll post about it next week.