Burger News week of 2/24

Good day burgerteers!

First thing.. do not pass go, do not collect $200 go directly to this video:

The Ultimate Hamburger from Modernist Cuisine on Vimeo.

Holy burgers. Dylan from modern eye (twitter @ModernEye13) recommended this video. At first it struck me as possibly a satire? Is it a mocumentary? Right down to the twinkle in this guy’s eye I thought it was a joke. They are not joking. But seriously, if you’re going to make a burger – do it right. I’d eat it 🙂

News from the burgerteers:

Denise said she had a burger from Perch Pub and it was pretty good! I’ve really been meaning to try this place, I keep hearing things about it but I haven’t gone yet. Denise said that the meat was cooked well, it had a nice bun but it was over priced. One of the worst things (besides roaches in your soup) a restaurant can do is focus a customer’s attention away from the meal and have the thought “I’m probably paying too much for this” ruin any chance that they’ll be able to taste what’s they’re eating. That’s a shame – I hate to see that. Madhuri had sentiments of the same, saying that the burger is really good but she thought the price was “ridiculous”. Shape up or ship out Perchie!

Adam posted on the fb page that he tried a burger up in Boston and advises anyone who finds themselves up there to try the Boston Burger Company. Will do, Adam! Thanks for the tip!

Quynh posted about Sketch:

“This joint brings out the glutnous soul in me. Nine different shake flavors that are constantly changing. I went with the mint chocolate chip. Hand cut belgian fries with an indulgent side of Harissa Aioli. There’s also other sauces for you to choose from too: Chipotle, Wasabi, Green Goddess (vegan), Hot Mustard, BBQ (vegan), Tahini (vegan). I built my own burger but you also have other choices like truffle, kobe and black bean burger which I hear is popular with the veggies. Toppings are little expensive ($1 for cheese) and the patti is a bit thick but other then that, I dig this joint. Also, if you end up dining in instead of take out, you’ll notice the walls are littered with drawings that look like they’re from elementary school. That’s because they place provides buckets of crayons for your entertainment. I guess that’s why it’s called Sketch burger.”

We went to Sketch for our monthly meeting a few months ago. I thought their burgers were great! I can’t wait to go back!

Last thing is a tweet from Zen and Potatoes:

@zennpotatoes Hey the @RoyalTavern is featuring a half beef half bacon burger, thought you should know. #sinfullydelicious

What good timing Zen had! We’re going there in just a few short days! Keep an eye out for this bacon burger on Wednesday!

So as you’re all aware, we’re going to the The Royal Tavern next Wednesday for our February burger club meeting. I’m pretty excited! Hope you all are too! Please remember that we’re trying to get things started a bit earlier at 6:30 so try to arrive on time! Have I previously mentioned that Jason Wilson from the Daily News (philly.com) is coming to our meeting next week?? This is pretty neat! Burger Club getting some recognition! Let’s try to show Jason some burger club love!

Ok, see everyone next week!


burger news week of 2/17

Hello Burgerfriends!

Thank goodness for another week of living and loving burgers! Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Last friday I went to Watkin’s Drinkery at 10th and morris and tried their burger. Pretty good stuff! Go give it a try! I got bacon and blue cheese and I was very happy with the burger. Good quality meat, great bun, VERY nice chill atmosphere.




The burger club had a little informal anti-burger meeting at Hot Diggity on south street for some hot dogs! It was put together by Christina W, thanks! Everyone had a good time lots of hot dogs and fries! I had the texas holdum dog – it was good! Lots of stuff piled on the dog made the experience much different than your run-of-the-mill backyard BBQ.


Speaking of “Dogs” I have something to say. I’m not good at delivering bad news so I wrote a poem to soften the blow:

Good dog, good dog, What happened to you, Good Dog? 

Your name implies something praiseworthy
But experiences lately have been unsavory 

“The bun was dry and stale” says Tim
Whose experience left him feeling quite grim 

My friend Denise has sentiments of the like
Her meat just wasn’t cooked right! 

I remember the GD burger being so auspicious
Now it’s something that’s no so delicious 

I hope this isn’t a case of you being distracted
If it is – I’m telling you, your work has been impacted! 

I’ve heard rumors of your new restaurant plans
You better shape up or you’ll lose all your fans! 

I’m not saying the burger club’s turning our back
We’re just concerned, we just want you to pick up the slack!

Soooo…  yea, people have been very dissatisfied with Good Dog lately. I hope things turn around for them. More than anything it seems to be the quality that’s been lacking, dry stale buns were most commonly reported. This is an easy solution! I’m surprised that Good Dog, who always has a line out the door would be skimping on quality, alas…

I hope you all have a nice and safe President’s Day weekend! More to come next week! As always, let us know about your burger experiences on the FB page and I’ll note them in my weekly blog post! Till later, have a good one!

Also this was literally JUST tweeted by Modern Eye


Modern Eye: 13th St. @ModernEye13: To prove we love @BurgerClubPHL SO much, we want to offer their members 15% OFF any COMPLETE pair of glasses at 13th St. Just say “burger”!

I love love love this place! I’ve gone to them for the past few years and love thier glasses selection, staff and doctor! Can’t say enough great things about this place!


Burger News week of 2/10

Hello Friends!

Not too much has happened in the past week. We’re all getting excited about our event on February 29 at 6:30pm at the Royal Tavern! I’ve been trying to get us some press. If any of you have any information about how to get our name out there please send me an email (burgerclubphl@gmail.com). We are fortunate to have a small spot on Penn Appetit’s blog, see here http://pennappetit.blogspot.com/2012/02/food-events-penn.html

I tried a new burger this week from Standard Tap. It was good, you should give it a try. The bun was very substantial, and it held the burger together well. The meat was tender and had good flavor. I didn’t get any toppings (mostly because I’m not sure there were any options) their menu is on a blackboard and changes daily – maybe I should have asked.

Oh I also tried the burgers (with Madhuri, Megan and Jo) from the new place in old city, Bierstube (http://mybierstube.com/). They have 2 burgers, the german and dragon. The german burger (pretzel roll, burger, slice of fried Knockwurst) was good but had too much sauerkraut on it for my taste but I plan on going back and ordering one without the sauerkraut soon. The dragon burger is truly unique. It has a beef & spicy sausage blend – wow was that a great taste! I would 100% recommend getting yourself down to bierstube to try out their burgers & amazing beer selection. Do yourself a favor and try the Kasteel Rouge beer – what a delight!

I think that’s all the burger news I have for you all this week. Talk to you soon!



Weekly President’s address 2/3/2012

OK I have vowed (and set a reminder) to update the blog every Friday. We’ll see how long that lasts! 

Well this has been a good week for the Club! We have finalized our plans with the Royal Tavern to host our meeting this month! This would be a great time to read the ENTIRE event message because it has some important info: 

“You asked and we delivered! This month we’re heading to the Royal Tavern!

 If you’ve ever been to the Royal, you’ll know how small it is. The event coordinator asked if we could move the start time of the meeting to 6:30pm, as the restaurant tends to get busy around 7pm. Hopefully that’s fine with everyone. They have promised to reserve space for 15-20 at 6:30 for the Burger Club. They’re going to set up clusters of tables to seat 4-6 people at one table. I think that will be helpful in engaging everyone in conversation, as well as keeping checks separate for each group. After that time, you are still welcome but may have to wait for a few minutes if the dining room is full. Also, let’s keep in mind that we want to respect their space; they welcome us to move to the bar if we want to hang out after our meal.

 With your RSVP, please note the time you expect to arrive, the temperature you want your burger (rare, medium, well done etc) and feel free to note any +1 +2 etc.

 Hope to see you at Royal Tavern for a meatastic treat! “

 Ok with that out of the way we have some more exciting news! I’m pleased to tell you that we have invited our very own Kit Farman to be a contributor to the blog! He’s an amazing photographer (see http://kitfphoto.com/) in addition to being a core burger club member! I’m really excited to have him post photos from our events and input his two cents about the burgers!

I guess that’s all for now, Burgerteers! Till next week keep us updated with your burger escapades. As always check in on the facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/BurgerClubPHL) and twitter (www.twitter.com/BurgerClubPHL).