OK, back in the game

Steph the dummy finally figured out how to sign into the blog so now I’m going to try to update more.

What’s been going on?

We just had an amazing meeting at Good Dog! So many people came and enjoyed the burgers! I thought it was really cool meeting up on the third floor. It was a bit awkward eating at the ledge around the room instead of a table but it allowed everyone to mingle much more. I felt like I got to catch up with everyone rather than just the people sitting at my table. There were many old faces but quite a few new ones! I LOVE seeing burgers bring people together. In other news – we got a few more responses for the best burger & beer places in philly to send to our friends at DrinkPhilly.com. I’m working on adding them to the master scoreboard, will let you know how that goes soon and if you haven’t sent in your list yet please send it to burgerclubphl@gmail.com.

Rather than open up a vote for where to go for our February meeting I think I’m going to make an executive decision. I’ll announce it shortly (as soon as I get everything sorted out with the restaurant). I know at lease ONE person who will be very happy (you’re so vain, I bet you think this burger’s about you)

Ok, more to come! I’m going to try to stay up in the blog better. Make sure you check in on the facebook page for news and the twitter feed for my general musings.

Love & Burgers,
~$teph (like Ke$ha, but not)