Our first meeting: a success story

I do declare, our inaugural meeting of burger club was a complete success! We had 8 people in attendance! If you’ve never been to the 10 arts bistro at the Ritz-Carlton I would recommend going if for nothing else than the beautiful space. The Ritz-Carlton has a grand lobby that gives one the rare feeling that they’re not in the city when right in the heart of it. The highlight of our visit was meeting 10 Art’s chef, Jen Carroll who was also a contestant on the show “Top Chef”. She couldn’t have been nicer to us, and even posed for a photo:


Overall our review of the actual burger was a bit of a mixed bag, but our review of the fries was consistently AWESOME (see the comments). When the burgers first came out they seemed a bit small but once we got to eating we realized that it packed a mighty punch. We learned that the burger meat comes from Pineland Farms, which are a series of small farms in New England. All the condiments (even the pickles) are homemade and the burger is served on a challah bun. I was very impressed that there was an effort to make everything in-house.


We decided that our next meeting with be at Local 44 (West Philly – represent!). We might be changing the day of the week the Burger Club meets seeing as how it’s difficult for some people to make it that day (in particular Kelly haha). Keep in touch for more updates and AS ALWAYS follow us on twitter for fun burger tweets!